Hawkeye 社区 College will be closed for Winter Break Wednesday, 12月20日, 2023 -星期二, 1月2日, 2024.

延长时间: The following offices will be open until 5:30pm January 3, 4, 8, 9, 10 .靠谱买球app推荐, 建议, 业务办公室, 金融援助,和 Registrar's Office. The 靠谱买球app推荐 office will also open early at 7:30am January 3, 4, 8, 9, 和 10.


Deciding where to live is as much a part of your college experience as the classes you participate in. Choosing a place to live can be a big decision. 学生 attending Hawkeye have several housing options near campus 和 throughout the Cedar Valley.

Apartments Across the Street

While Hawkeye doesn't own on-campus housing, privately-owned Hawkeye Towers apartmentsHawkeye Village apartments are merely steps away from main campus.

You can skip the hassle of driving to campus 和 enjoy the proximity of campus 和 it's amenities such as the 学生 Tutoring 和 电脑 Lab, 图书馆, Brock 学生 Center,和 健康 Education 和 Services Center.

University of Northern Iowa's Residence Halls

学生 also have the option to live in the residence halls at the University of Northern Iowa, a quick drive or bus ride away from main campus, 和 take advantage of the resources on both Hawkeye's campus 和 UNI's campus. This is an especially ideal option for students intending to transfer to UNI.

Check Out Other 住房选择

查看我们的 list of housing options near campus 和 throughout the Cedar Valley [pdf] 和/或 search the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier Property for Rent Classifieds.

Hawkeye does not endorse any specific property listed. You are responsible to inspect the property 和 Hawkeye disclaims any responsibility for, 但不限于, the condition of any premise, terms or any lease of any l和lord, or compliance with any applicable zoning ordinances.